Just a quick note. I spoke on “The Future of Calvinism in America” this morning at the Sovereignty of God Conference at the Bread of Life Fellowship Church in Haledon, New Jersey. I would like to thank Pastor Joe LoSardo and the elders there for holding the conference. It is always a huge task to put something like that on! I had a wonderful time fellowshipping with the brethren there.
   I also noted today that Trinity Baptist Church has posted the Sunday evening sermon I preached there, found here.
   Here is a picture I just took in my hotel room here on Long Island. You can see my MacBook Pro running KeyNote, the program I use for my presentations, and next to it is my ultra-thin, ultra-tiny, easily carried, yet 2300 lumen producing Casio projector, once again provided by one of the readers of this blog via the Ministry Resource List. It is vital that I am able to double check transitions, timing, etc., prior to these major presentations (such as the dialogue tomorrow evening), and that requires a second monitor or projector to get the “presenter display” set up properly. Across the room is my main “everything you need while doing the traveling apologist thing” bag, in which you will find all sorts of adapters, jump drives, and various gadgets that keep you communicating, studying, and operating on the road. So once again, to all who have kept A&O going over the years, my sincere thanks.
   Last picture to share. I visited the Princeton cemetary Saturday, and while I surely did want to visit the grave of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards (and I did), there was one I really wanted to see more, one that many others miss when they visit. Here is the gravestone of a man who had a grasp of the biblical witness to the Trinity that few others have ever possessed. Likewise, his work on the inspiration of the text of Scripture remains as relevant as when he penned it. Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield, a great servant of God. I am thankful to have been able to visit his grave and far more grateful for his life and ministry.

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