So we in Arizona have these things called monsoon storms. They can be filled with lightning, and often have “micro-bursts” that cause a lot of damage. Recently we had a storm hit that turned a park nearby into a lumber yard. Trees down all over the place! Well, as I was bringing my recycle bin this morning I looked up and discovered that one of the two wind turbine things on my roof is MIA. I have no idea where it went, to be honest (let’s all sing “Dust in the Wind” together), but that leaves a 14 inch wide hole in my roof with more storms in the forecast. So, given we are such a huge ministry with tons of money lying around, Rich is picking up a new turbine at Home Depot and is headed my way (we call him “Rich the Toolman Pierce”). But that means wisdom would have us move the Dividing Line to tomorrow, regular time, 5pm EDT. Join us then!

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