Last week when I posted something personal about cycling I mentioned that I hesitate to do so because there are many who read this blog who are anything but friends, anything but friendly. I think it took less than 24 hours for Armstrong to post the video along with what he thinks was a humorous commentary. But I guess one should not be surprised by anything posted by DA. He is, after all, DA.
   Anyway, I did upload this brief clip to YouTube last week after my ride. There is a downhill out on San Juan Road. Unlike those on the descent down the mountain, there are no sheer cliffs to fall off of here. And, what is more, there is no automobile traffic on San Juan, either, so you have the whole road to yourself (barring any other cyclists, or the occasional runner). If you start at the top and give it all you’ve got, you can get into the tuck and hit some enjoyable speeds. This surely wasn’t my best run, as I only managed to get to 37.5, but a few months ago I managed 42.7 on this same stretch.

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