I just got done drying out my awesome Oakley computer bag. How could I be so careless to allow it to get wet? Well, it seems my rental car leaks…not from the top, but from the bottom. So the carpet in the back seat is soaked. Not being familiar with the car, there’s no way I could know that by just looking, so, I put my computer bag on the floor this morning when I headed in from Santa Clarita to the Master’s Seminary to give a teleconferenced presentation on the sufficiency of Scripture all the way over in Pune, India. I did so because I was headed down I-5, and everyone who lives anywhere near LA knows that you should be prepared to slam on your brakes at any moment on that stretch of highway, and I didn’t want my computer to become a very identified and completey smashed up flying object. So, the bag got soaked, the stuff inside got soaked, and I just finished using the hair dryer in my hotel room to dry it out. That is, sadly, about the only time I’ve used a hair dryer in many years.
   So why mention this? Well, ironically, Joanna Martens has the same problem with her car. It seems the leak is up front, not in the back, but, essentially, the same problem. How do I know this? Because she said so in a blog article, that’s how! How did I happen across Joanna’s blog article? Well, I was pointed to it because that wasn’t all she said in this particular article. She went on to say,

   Church was way cool today. James White from Alpha and Omega Ministries was teaching in one of the fellowship groups this morning. I ditched my normal routine and crashed this older-couples-only sunday school to hear the big man himself. Finding a seat 45 minutes into the shin-dig was no cakewalk, thanks to choir commitments, but regardless I got to hear the majority of the message: Islam.
   James White kicks major apologetic-argue/debate anything that is against the Bible and leave you on the floor in a fetal position sucking your thumb, butt. His presence alone is intimidating, causing the very walls in the room to vibrate. He’s def. not the dude you’d want to meet alone in an alley somewhere, only if it were indeed the great White, you’d be getting the smack down on radical Biblical theology, calling you to repent and believe in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. You’d cry like a baby begging that he doesn’t squish you between his fingers. Faithful man. If you haven’t heard the dude lay it down, go to his webaschnizzle and watch/read some of his junk yourself. Men like this are so rad, and I love to just sit under their feet listening to their scholarly wit proceed from their mouth like sweet honey dripping over warm stones… music to my ears.

   I think all of that was good, though, I have not had a chance to run it all past my daughter so she can translate for me. But the younger folks in my chat channel were agreed that this means I am definitely cool.
   Seriously, I am very pleased my presentation “hit home” with just about everyone in the group (and a Bible Study group at Grace Community Church is like two normal churches in size, so this was a good group of folks). I didn’t see anyone nodding off, that’s for sure. I am trying to find ways to accurately and biblically motivate and excite Christians to start praying for the salvation of Muslim people and then putting some legs on their prayers by getting involved! Tomorrow I will be joining Phil Johnson in the studios of Grace to You to record a discussion about Islam, so I would covet your prayers for the clarity of the conversation, and that I would be able to have an impact in waking up a sleepy post-evangelicalism on the subject of Islam.

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