While in Australia Phil Johnson and I did what you are supposed to do when in another country: act like the natives. So, we watched the Ashes. I actually knew about the Ashes from my visits to the UK (where, back in 2005, England had finally won them back, only to lose them in 2007). My separated-at-birth brother Roger Brazier had patiently attempted to explain the game to me during a very long drive through London rush hour traffic a few years ago, but let’s face it. You can’t figure cricket out without watching it. So when I discovered the Ashes were being shown on television, I finally got to watch and learn. Phil helped.
   Well, one afternoon/evening we were both working on our MacBook Pros (ahemm) and the Ashes were on the telly. (Did you catch that?) That’s when we saw the following. And from what I’m told, that ball is hard and unforgiving.

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