As a kid I loved to build and fly model rockets…and still do. Hardly ever get a chance to do it anymore, and many years go by without a single launch, but I went out today to try out a gift given to me, an Estes Oracle video rocket. I may link to some video it took when I get permission from the web geek to do so, as I was able to save it in mpeg4 format (Apple Quick Time), and it is only 175k in size. Anyway, here’s a neat shot, small, of course (this is a blog after all), of one of RocketMan’s launches (appropriate channel nick I’d say) of a 2-stage beauty he built. All my launches were successful, no damage, not even a popped fin today. RocketMan lost the body on one (rip chord failure), and another did the “lets not deploy our shute or even pop the nose cone” dive that makes the really neat “swoosh” sound as it accelerates ever faster right before going THUD. Very minor damage, amazingly. It was 96 by the time we wrapped up at 9:30 in the morning. That is so much more enjoyable in November. 🙂

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