Let me just say on behalf of Rich and I that we definitely have the best blog audience in the blogosphere, bar none. I made known a need, and for all intents and purposes, that need has now been met through the prayers and support of God’s people, and I am very thankful. Yes, many would say I’m demonstrating my utter inability to “market” by in essence saying “Thanks, we’ve met that particular need,” but that’s how it should be done. Just leaving it hanging there is not proper. You folks know the needs keep coming and are regular, and we trust that those who first honor the Lord in supporting their local church and who then feel led to support other works will continue to help us do what we do. We will never mislead you by saying there is a need when there isn’t; and given the nature of our message and ministry, we will never have air-conditioned dog-houses, palatial mansions, or private jets. We will never even be as large as most of the other ministries that have existed for the two-plus decades we have been around. But we will always be thankful for those precious folks who pray for us, support us, go to bat for us when we are evil-spoken of. You all are the best!

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