When I went to bed last night I had no idea I would spend the entirety of Saturday writing a small book in response to the further promotion of an evangelical cover-up, a sad defense of the blatantly indefensible. But the Lord knew, of course (sorry, open theists, you are just wrong!). Now, I mentioned in my “geek video” posted a few days ago that I have moved from the BlackBerry to the Droid (HTC Incredible, specifically). It is a lot easier, and faster, for me to check my mail on the Droid than it had been on the BlackBerry, so as I was laying down I decided to just take a quick look. Two e-mails had arrived in the few minutes that passed between my shutting down my Mac and getting to bed. They came from two brothers, neither of which I get to see with any regularity. One is local, one far away. In any case, both e-mails were tremendously encouraging, and I was able to go to sleep with peace, thanks to those brothers. They know who they are.

During the day today, as I was laboring on the four-part response, two more brothers sent unsolicited e-mails of encouragement as well. I was reminded of the previous evening, and was once again thankful for the people of God and the fellowship of the Spirit. So to all who have written in encouragement, who understand the necessity of integrity in preaching, exegesis, theology, and apologetics—thank you once again. I know God is still in charge, and we need to remain faithful even in the face of compromise and error.

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