When I came to Nashville a few days ago to record these programs, I expected to do a grand total of twenty programs. That, at least, was our plan. When we finish shooting tomorrow, Lord willing, I will have done thirty two. After the first four I went “solo,” and my translator will be coming back in January to record the translation of the material I am recording now (this works better for both of us and allows for a much better end product too). We also recorded a whole series for translation into Arabic (or other languages) on the subject of Islam. The folks here have been fantastic, and the quality of the production is very, very high. I hope to be able to post some more video tomorrow. We thought we had transferred the clips to my jump drive, but for some reason the transfer did not work.
   These videos are intended to be satellite broadcast in Iran, and the Arabic videos in many other countries. I can only say I am deeply thankful for the opportunity to provide this teaching in this context, and surely hope and pray that the Lord will use these videos to the benefit of God’s people for years to come. I am truly humbled to have this opportunity, and only pray that should more opportunities arise, I will be able to share my meagre knowledge and abilities.
   I am very thankful for the prayers of God’s people during this week. As the week has gone on I have felt better each day. In fact, I have developed a rapport with the crew, and I have enjoyed noting that my presentations have sparked theological discussions, even in the control room! I have now delivered lectures on a wide range of topics, including inspiration, canonization, all sorts of textual issues, allegations of corruption, the gnostic gospels, the Epistle of Barnabas, Trinitarian topics, and a wide range of Islamic subjects. We have truly covered a vast amount of information!
   Meanwhile, back at the offices, a pretty wild night! Our cameras recorded a lightning strike that knocked out power near our offices. Note that in the first image it is dark outside, and then in the very next second, the lightning is seen reflecting off of the wet sidewalks. My daughter works nearby and she reported hearing it, and how a customer reported seeing a bright blue bolt nearby. Power was knocked out throughout the area. Rich and Rob (a new member of our fellowship who has been helping us greatly with electrical work at the offices) had to go down to do some repairs in the rain. It is wonderful to have faithful brethren back there in Phoenix taking care of things while I am so far away! I surely could not do any of the things I do if it were not for Rich and all the others that assist us in keeping the ministry going! Please continue to pray for us!

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