I realize I am risking my baby-eating Calvinist image by mentioning this, but we have a new kitten in the White household. A feral kitten–at least in the sense that mother and father cat are wild (won’t let us get anywhere NEAR them). But, this kitten (ominously named Darth) is—well, utterly unique. Not only is she the cutest ball of fur I’ve ever seen, but she is utterly fascinated by people, and loves to be with us. (She is also fascinated by computers—she even managed to change the screen resolution on my daughter’s laptop. She will sit and follow the pointer on the screen, or the cursor while you are typing). She has no fear of humans at all. And that’s the problem. If you are laying down, she loves to curl up in a ball under your chin, purring madly, and…fall fast asleep. The problem is, she’s a furry fuzzball, and you can’t sleep with that fur tickling your face. Therefore, I found the following video very appropriate at this time in my family’s life:

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