About four hours ago I posted this link to a “wishlist” of resources, noting that given the economic circumstances of today, some folks who are “project oriented” might find the list useful in supporting our work, and others would just find it humorous to look at a list of what I find to be useful reading. I really did not know what to expect, but I surely did not expect what happened.
   I had not counted, but I think there were about ten items on the list when I posted it. In fifteen minutes, there were four. Some of the items, due to their nature (rare books on Islamic history, Qur’anic studies, lexicons, etc.), were over a hundred dollars, one was just under five hundred dollars. Within four hours, all the items originally posted to the list were gone, all ordered.
   Now, you will find some items on the list at the moment (I would like to look into at least a video series on the “Parallelomania” that is so common in anti-Christian rhetoric today, hence, I have added works on Mithraism, etc., to bolster my resources in that area), but they were all added later. The original list was gifted within four hours. As of right now, *eighteen* items have been gifted.
   May I express my deepest thanks to all those who jumped on that list and purchased those resources? May I say that not only did I never expect that, but that I am deeply humbled that the people of God would be so supportive, so kind toward me? I cannot tell you how encouraging this is (and not just because tomorrow is my birthday, either!). I am reminded yet again that the folks who support our work are self-giving, generous people, and it is a true privilege to be trusted by them in the task of defending the faith once for all delivered to the saints. Once again, my deepest thanks.

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