1) It was Father’s Day, and my daughter Summer called me as I was driving to ABN after my debate and informed me that I am her favorite person in all the world.

2) It was Father’s Day, and my dad was able to attend the debate with Sheikh Awal, sitting in the second row.

3) After the debate a brother informed me that I had been instrumental in his decision to go into the ministry and attend seminary, and he will be graduating in two weeks. Talk about encouraging.

4) I got to preach at Berean Baptist Church and watch a new believer give testimony of faith in Jesus Christ through baptism. The elders and folks were kind and encouraging to me.

5) I got to sit and learn from Sam Shamoun until 1 am in the morning on ABN (OK, I probably stopped learning about 12:30 am when my brain started to shut down). Sam Shamoun is a walking, talking, Assyrian encyclopedia.

6) I got to spend my last time on this trip with the fine folks at the Aramaic Broadcasting Network. I look forward to returning to finish recording a series we began working on, “Answering Islam.” I hope to participate in future shows via Skype as well.

And that was just part of the day. I look forward to tonight and my next encounter with Sheikh Awal.

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