Man, today was rough. I won’t bore you with details. Let’s just say I hope the rest of the week before the debate goes better.

The debate presentation is taking shape, and I’m truly excited about it. I have by necessity been privy to more of the arrangements for this year’s conference and debate and cruise than in past years, and let me tell you something, the amount of time and effort and detail and yes, money that goes into something like this is simply shocking. I confess my lack of faith here: I remember how this ministry started, and how little we had, so when I see just the shipping costs for something like this, well, let’s just say we would never do this kind of thing if it was up to me.

Which prompts me to note: we do this (esp. the debates against two of the leading Historical Jesus scholars of our day) to bless the people of God in the long run, not the short run. Result? We need your assistance in the short run. Please pray for these events fervently. We truly desire the Lord to bless. And if that prayer prompts you to share with us in light of the tremendous stress of putting something like this on, Rich and I would be most appreciative. We have no baubles or bangles or Prayer of Jehoshaphat gadgets to send you to bribe you. Just the promise to use anything entrusted to us properly and in a God-glorifying manner.

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