I completed my assignments at the Glory of the Atonement Conference at Grace Bible Church last evening. I had a wonderful time with the brethren here in Brisbane, despite my weakened voice (evidently, there are some things blooming here that my sinuses have never encountered before!). I am excited that we have already begun discussions about coming back, currently looking at New Zealand, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Might have to make that a two-tripper!
   Today is the only day I am not traveling, or speaking, during all ten days of this trip. I brought my riding gear and Scott and Dominic from the church took me riding up Mt. Cootha early in the morning. We got to the top at sunrise, as you can see in this pic from my BlackBerry. Humidity was 100%, hence the fog and haze. It is a very scenic spot, to be sure. Tricky riding back, though, as the poor Aussies drive on the wrong side of the road, so I had to keep thinking “left, left, left!”
   I head home tomorrow. I will leave Tuesday morning, fly through darkness, and land in LA…before I left on Tuesday morning. An odd feeling, to be sure. Hopefully I will be sufficiently recovered by Thursday for a good edition of the Dividing Line. Lord willing, see you then!

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