The “acquittal” of a “lesbian pastor” by officials of the United Methodist Church (story)
has once again demonstrated what happens when the full authority and inerrancy of the Scriptures is abandoned by a once strongly evangelistic denomination. If you are one of those who cannot begin to understand how anyone can call themselves a minister of the gospel, claim fidelity to the Christian faith and speak highly of the Bible, and yet vote to acquit an openly homosexual female minister, allowing her to return to the “pastorate” while remaining in an active relationship with her “partner,” then you have not been watching what happens when liberalism eats the heart out of denominations like the UMC, the Episcopalians, liberal Lutherans, Presbyterians, and Baptists as well. Once the final authority of Scripture falls (and it has in the UMC, which allows process theology and every sort of aberrant theology to be taught in its seminaries), “anything goes.”

The “couple” cares for a 5-year old boy (please note I am purposefully not using terms such as “wife,” “parents,” or “child,” since these terms are defined by the Christian covenant of marriage, and two homosexuals living openly in sin together will never, ever constitute that sacred ordinance).

This kind of mockery of Christian truth will continue and escalate, resulting, inevitably, in a very strong distinction between those “organizations” that openly villify the authority of the Word, and those willing to count the cost by remaining faithful to the truth.

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