This morning in an exchange with Kyle “I am afraid to be in the same room with James White” James Howard, Dr. Anthony Bradley of King’s College (where he teaches theology and, ironically, ethics) truly exposed the attitude he holds toward Reformed Baptists of all kinds. You will note the scare quotes around “reformed” in his comments. I tweeted a brief response below.

Reprehensible to read this thread from @drantbradley viciously and arrogantly attacking a wide range of men he has never met.  This is tribalism in its fullest—a term he loves to throw at others while practicing it to the nth degree hypocritically himself.

Let me put this simply.

Intersectionality is utterly incompatible with a belief in the sovereign kingship of God and His divine decree.

It is God who makes men to differ, God who makes the lame and the blind and the rich and the poor.

Reformed men believe we are called to seek His glory through the application of His truth *within* the context of His sovereign decree, which will result in the praise of His glorious grace.  We do not overthrow His decree by seeking to obey His commands.

So who is the “Reformed” man?

How can one promote paradigms based upon sociological and political norms that fundamentally undercut and deny the sovereignty of God in the affairs of God’s creation while continuing to pretend fidelity to the core of Reformed theology?

I will gladly stand firm in my commitment to the core, the definitional, the heart of what makes someone Reformed, and allow the formalists to mock me while they promote man-centered systems infected with the disease of intersectionality.

God knows.


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