I guess it is a matter of figuring anyone Gail Riplinger would attack can’t be all bad, but I’ve always kept David Cloud, a well known KJV Only fundamentalist writer, in a little different “group” in my thinking than most of the rest of the KJV Only crowd. But of late I’ve had to rethink that, given his adding anti-Calvinism to his repertoire. I noted lately that Cloud had posted a wonderfully fair and unbiased review of Debating Calvinism, and in response, I had contacted him once again and offered him the opportunity of engaging the topic of God’s sovereign grace in salvation over against his synergistic beliefs on the DL. And, as always, he declined the challenge to debate, even though I made it clear that we would call him at his leisure. But the back and forth has continued. Today I pointed out to him that if he was consistent, he and his fellow KJV Only writers would have a literal cow over Hunt’s handling of Acts 13:48 in both What Love is This? as well as in Debating Calvinism. It would be so useful to ask David Cloud direct, exegetical questions on passages like that, and on John 6. But alas, despite our best efforts, fundamentalistic Arminians insist upon hiding behind their keyboards while frantically warning their ever shrinking audiences of the great dangers of “Calvinism.” Cloud constantly beats the (proper) drum of needing to be biblically faithful while at the same time avoiding responsible challenges to his unbiblical dedication to inconsistent Arminianism. Sorry, but if Cloud had contacted me after I had written something about him, and challenged me to stand behind what I had written on his program, I would have been happy to oblige. For some odd reason, that doesn’t work in reverse. Strange, isn’t it? The invitation/challenge stands.

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