Some “Reformed Catholics” have become quite adept at mocking the idea of standing for the purity of the gospel, as if that involves reducing the gospel to ethereal, fluffy concepts floating about above our heads. They likewise insist that we are enemies of the gospel because we insist upon “parsing” particular theological statements (i.e., we stand against false gospels). Well, it seems we are in good company. 

Here are extended selections from a sermon by John Calvin on Galatians 2:3-5. As you read this sermon (I highly recommend it: like so much of his writings it is tremendously relevant to today’s situation), ask yourself a few questions. Doesn’t it seem to you that for Calvin, the purity and truth of the gospel is foundational to the very definition of unity itself? And are we reading him correctly to see that he is encouraging us to strive for the purity of the gospel while refusing to compromise with those who deny it? I think anyone who has kept up with the recent controversies will see the relevance of this sermon.

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