I can’t believe this. I was told yesterday that “Lou Rugg–as he is known in that pit of despond, that concentrated mass of theological ignorance called PalTalk (“Don’t have anything meaningful to say? Come on over!”)—has been playing an edited version of our “debate” (talk about using a term loosely) in various rooms in PalTalk. Evidently he has inserted his own commentary into the discussion. Folks, it was bad enough the first time around (“Proverbs 1:29! That refutes you! Ha!”), but when you have to edit it and insert your own commentary, well, how about just tattooing your forehead with a huge “L”? (At least that would do double duty, I guess). But what is utterly amazing is Lou is selling the CD of his edited version for $15 on his website! I could see him giving folks $5 to take the CDs off his hands, but asking people to give him $15 for that debacle is simply reprehensible (let alone downright hilarious). Another “can you believe that” story for the old archives. Oh, btw, if you’d like to hear the actual debate, without post-mortem commentary, and for free, please, let us save you $15….click here.

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