I should have noted this days ago, but I will be on KDOV radio, which covers Southern Oregon and Northern California, Tuesday morning, August 17th, at 8:05AM, talking about Debating Calvinism. Dave Hunt has already told his side, now it is my turn. Of course, I am open to being on with Dave, but so far, Dave isn’t open to being on with me. 🙂 

Quick Update: Just got off the phone with Perry and the folks at KDOV. Had a great time! The half hour went way too fast, but I managed to touch upon the key inconsistencies in Hunt’s arguments against the Reformed faith. A couple of pastors were going to be on after me, and I have asked for a tape so I can hear what they had to say, but the host said he is going to ask Dave to come on with me. I don’t expect that to happen, but we can hope! Another update: the pastors were Reformed guys who had contacted me about Hunt being on on the first place! Yeah! So all-in-all a great morning. Let’s hope it leads to more opportunities in the future.

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