We normally do not post a lot of “atta boy” materials on our website, mainly because we respect the privacy of those who write to us.  But this note was so encouraging we wanted to share it with our regular users.

Friday, Nov 3, 2000

Hey guys,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the work that you guys are doing in the area of Reformed theology, especially concerning the Doctrines of Grace.  I am a 26 year old former Catholic whom God saved 3 years ago.  To my surprise, God used something I hated to teach me about bowing the knee to Him, namely Calvinism.  I really didn’t have too much time for Reformed theology (although I loved RC Sproul’s work) before I began listening to Dr. White’s series in response to Dr. Geisler’s book, Chosen But Free.  I listened to James’ messages on the subject and one by one my arguments fell like a brick in light of the clear teachings of Scripture.  But most of all, God did a work in my heart in three months, enabling me to embrace His Sovereignty and Might.  It was a real humbling experience.

I just want you to know that God uses your work mightily although you may not always see it.  God used your website to teach me a lot and I even have some friends in whom God has done the same work of grace in their hearts regarding these doctrines.

I can’t get enough of learning of God now!  Jonathan Edwards said that seeking God is the main business of the Christian’s life to which I whole-heartedly agree now!  God bless you and your ministry.  The debates on the website are fabulous!

God bless,


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