I am in St. Louis, rushing to finish a lengthy presentation on Bart Ehrman’s main arguments against New Testament reliability, but I wanted to VERY quickly link to this article. Here someone (I do not know who, and to be honest, I do not care who–just somebody named “Steve”) demonstrates that rational and fair thinking is not necessarily a part of being Reformed. The writer admits he has not really read my work, yet he has the audacity to attribute to me a “new” position regarding the issue related to the false accusation of hyper-Calvinism! Instead of, “Oh, I’m sorry, I really messed up” or “I apologize,” it’s, “Well, White seems to have gotten the message and joined up with the rest of us!” Then I am berated for being the cause of all of this in the first place! My new “utter hubris” meter on my Mac exploded in a cloud of smoke halfway through the article.

I remember speaking at a church a few years ago. Curt Daniel and some of his folks attended. I remember sitting at a table after one of the talks for quite some time explaining the concept of God’s love, His beneficence, mercy, and kindness, to the non-elect to a woman who just couldn’t see it. Evidently she had heard what I had said and was willing to ask how all of that worked.

If I did not have a life, I would waste my time going back over years of presentations and the like, dig out the e-text of my book with Dave Hunt, etc., and demonstrate that these myopic “Reformed” young men really need to get out of their studies and breath some fresh air so as to get the proverbial clue. But such would be a true waste of time. Note to “Steve” and others like him: before putting fingers to keyboard, do some homework.

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