More on this later this evening, I hope, but the Berean Call has started to send out an e-mail to those asking for the sources for Hunt’s outrageous “redacted Hebrew text prophecied by the Dead Sea Scrolls which just happens, when translated by unnamed scholars, to not teach Calvinism” stuff. As I started looking over the list I immediately recognized its fringe nature, but then someone in channel (johnMark, followed, humorously, about sixty seconds later, by crewbear) found out that in fact the Berean Call was simply hi-jacking, without even providing a link or reference, the list, en toto, from a fringe Yahwist group’s website! Here is the website. Scroll to the bottom for the list, which TBC has now sent out to at least two people who have inquired of them for the sources Hunt used. Note as well that there isn’t a word here about how one can see this alleged Hebrew text of Acts, and, of course, not a word about the Dead Sea Scrolls. And, all the Eusebius citations are about a Hebrew version of Matthew. The evidence continues to pile up, and unless someone at TBC wakes up and stops the madness and says, “Ok, Ok, we blew it” and retracts this silliness, the damage will continue.

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