There’s no reason to even comment. All possibility of rational dialogue with Mr. Enloe has obviously ended. If you are a glutton for punishment, or for some reason need a sober warning about the dangers of losing balance, see his blog, scroll first to the article from 3/29/04 titled “Reformation Liberty” (the article is a long mockery of myself and my belief that one honors God and His Word by engaging in the work of exegesis); read the comments attached (Eric Svendsen chimed in, and I posted as well); then go back up to the entry for 3/31, “This Wasn’t What I Had in Mind” and attached comments. I don’t need to say a word to anyone who knows me or my work, for I can’t even recognize my own beliefs or actions in the distortions attributed to me any longer. If you don’t know me and my work, take some time to evaluate it, and you’ll see why the best rebuttal of this kind of thing is to just let it speak for itself. [Oh, surprise, surprise, Alexander decided to post kudos to TGE for his explosion, too–though, of course, what TGE says about *me* would apply just as much to *him,* but hey, calumny feels no need for consistency. You know the old saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”]

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