Douglas Wilson posted this on his blog today:

Q. What should the Reformed establishment do with a teaching or doctrine that emphasizes our need to believe all the promises of God, especially those promises that concern our children? Keep in mind that this is a doctrine that underscores the necessity of faith from first to last. The purveyors of said doctrine (as in, like, me) believe that we are justified by faith, through faith, unto faith, on faith, under faith, and everything else a squirrel can do to a tree. All faith, all the time, all the way down.

A. Well, of course, the only appropriate response would be to question the commitment of said fellows to sola fide. And have conferences.

And this is why I prefer my theology Auburn. Rather than Blonde.

Hey, we are having a conference on that topic! But I’m not blonde! Oh, man, I’m so confused. Just can’t keep up with all this stuff. Wait…we are having a conference, but, first, we are having a debate, featuring…Doug Wilson! Hence, we seem to be allowing those with Auburn theology to not only define their views, but they get to defend their views in debate as well! Who knows, but as that well known Reformed Catholic l0g0s has said, we “Neo-Donatists” cannot defend our views from history or the works of the “magisterial Reformers” or from the Scriptures, so I guess you’d have to be truly blonde to put on a conference in defense of the indefensible!

BTW, the title “Neo-Donatist” makes me wonder…would the RC’s (Reformed Catholics) agree with Augustine’s handling of the Donatists in North Africa, including the use of force to suppress them? If not, why not? Does make you wonder….

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