I am not at all certain of Bob Wilkin’s view on this matter, but I do understand that he does NOT hold that one can be a “regenerated unbeliever.” To that extent, at least, we can agree with him. On the other hand, if he holds to the “unregenerated believer” view espoused by Dave Hunt in his debate with White, then we must disagree with that concept. — Bob L. Ross

Evidently Bob Ross is back on the warpath, accusing me of heresy and the like, and making sure to contact Robert Wilkin about our upcoming debate:

I have personally given notice to Bob Wilkin that what White holds on this subject is not creedal Calvinism, and should not be treated as such. In an email to me, Wilkin has assured that “I plan to mention once or twice that White’s views are not those of all or even most 5-point Calvinists.”

Isn’t it ironic that Ross admits he is not “certain of Bob Wilkin’s view on this matter”? Evidently, Ross has no idea what the Hodges/Wilkin anti-Lordship viewpoint is all about. Its synergism, its embracing of a Geisler-style Arminianism, and most importantly, its teaching that one can have faith without repentance, and in fact, can believe but once, and then utterly fall away, becoming a Roman Catholic or Mormon or Buddhist or atheist, and still enter into the presence of God, one of the redeemed—ah, but it is far more important to attack the Reformed Baptist elder who holds to the 1689 London Confession than it is to worry about such little things as election or the purpose of God in salvation or repentance or such trifles! Truly, the past few weeks have simply been other-worldly. It was mildly interesting, and somewhat entertaining, to read some of the rest of Ross’ comments:

As our past articles pointed out, White has borrowed this idea from the Pedobaptists who baptize babies and enter them on the church roll on the pretext that they are “born again unbelievers” who at some point are given the blessing of the New Birth as a “covenant” promise inasmuch as they are the offspring of believers. This is how Pedobaptists get the majority of their church members, via infant baptism. This view was taught by Reformed theologian Louis Berkhof in his Systematic Theology, once published by the Pedobaptists at Williams B. Eerdmans Publishing Company and now by the Pedobaptists at the Banner of Truth in Scotland. This view is also espounsed by R. C. Sproul and some others.

Yes, I’m sure I just borrowed this from all those odd folks who are not really Calvinists, like Berkhof and Sproul and the folks at Banner of Truth and…goodness, that’s a few folks! Yes, I should really think about this baptism stuff, too. I’ve never really discussed it, have I? 🙂

Hey, you know what? Ol’ Bob has earned his right to sit around and call me a heretic and help out the non-Calvinistic Zane Hodges style Arminians and their view of faith as intellectual assent that can fail and never involves repentance. Who am I to complain? I’m just thrilled that while calling me “lame” and accusing me of promoting heresy that Bob didn’t use profanity. That puts him light years ahead of a lot of the folks I’ve been hearing from of late. At least I don’t have to worry about him showing up outside my front door with an axe or something, and for that, I’m grateful. Thanks for all you’ve done, Bob! God bless ya!

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