After all these years, I’ve had to conclude that he cannot. No matter how often he is corrected, evidently, he has no ears to hear. And despite his saying that he has nothing more to say about Calvinism, he continues writing books, talking about it on his radio program, etc. Remember, Dave Hunt has a standing challenge to debate this issue, but he simply will not do so.
   If you check out his website, you will see that yet another version of What Love is This? has been released. I can’t tell from the description if the embarrassing “Hebrew original of Acts” stuff has been removed, and I don’t know that I want to spend the $27 to find out (if anyone else does, please let me know). If that has not been removed, well, that says volumes in and of itself. But if it has, without notation or explanation—well, that speaks loudly as well.
   Tomorrow on the DL, before we get back to our Roman Catholic apologist’s attack on “once saved, always saved” (the fellow who has eaten my lunch!), I wish to respond to a recent Huntian demonstration of his utter, culpable, obstinate, and pertinacious ignorance of Reformed theology, leading, inexorably, to his continued misrepresentation thereof. You can listen to it yourself here. Just don’t do so if you have blood pressure issues, or before going to bed.

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