Well, many thanks to C.S. and T.S. for taking that mess of a correspondence file and typesetting it in PDF format. For those who have struggled to read it, you can now have the entire file in gorgeous PDF format with fully readable fonts and formatting that makes it very clear who is saying what. Click here for the file.
And don’t forget, Tom Ascol is joining me this morning for the Dividing Line. We will be taking your calls, first discussing the Pulpit Crimes conference and then transitioning, rather naturally, I would say, into the subject of the October 16th debate and the issues that have come up in trying to make this event happen.
Finally, a huge string of comments have been posted on Tom Ascol’s blog concerning the Caner situation (found here). As of this posting there are 105 comments. Part of the discussion has been the charge that it was inappropriate for me to post the correspondence, as if Christian leaders are to hide behind the cloak of “privacy” so as to shroud their behavior, actions, words, and motivations. I have posted twice in the comments thread on this very issue, for those interested. Also, Tom announced this morning that he will be on the DL and will be seeking to spread the message of the Mac Cult to the benighted PC world. Sadly, this entry almost immediately generated 26 comments. The Mac Cult is almost as avid in its promulgation of its cultic beliefs as the Mormons! Of course, some of those comments were from centuri0n, hence, they really don’t count as they don’t really mean anything (though I’m sure you can get a t-shirt with his picture on it displayed on a Mac screen) and also from a Gordon Conwell student who, as part of his slide into liberal apostasy, has likewise converted to Mac. And so we may not get to the Caner situation since Mac-ists tend to be sort of…focused on their crusade. We will see! 🙂

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