After sending out his “response” (the one I responded to a little earlier) to the same folks he sent out his “White isn’t a Christian anyway” e-mail (and posting it on a yahoo discussion group), Carpenter finally got around to sending it to me, prefaced with the following:

On your web site, you have a post entitled “Hyper Calvinism Revisited” (21 February) in which you misrepresent me (and, by extension, misrepresent those with whom I fellowship). If you are going to refute what I say, then at least refute what I say, rather than your misrepresentations of me. If you are a man of integrity, you will post my defense on your web site or at least tell your readers where you falsely accused me and publicly recant your false accusations. However, since I do not believe you are a man of integrity, I’m not holding my breath.

I sure have been running into the odd ones lately, haven’t I?

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