I may have mentioned this before, but I have been doing a series in Bible Study at PRBC on Frank Page’s book, Trouble with the Tulip. I started right after his election as president of the SBC, then I went off to the UK, and didn’t get back to it for a few weeks upon my return. I’ve taken a few detours as we’ve worked through the text. For example, he mentioned Augustine so I took the time to refresh the memory of the class on the Donatist and Pelagian controversies. I’m noting a rather sad decline in the quality of the work as we go through it. It started out at least trying to present a semi-accurate picture of Reformed theology, but as it moves on that attempt falters and the regular straw-men that mark the vast majority of anti-Reformed rhetoric out there start cropping up. I truly do wonder what the men who founded the SBC would think of this kind of writing today. In any case, you can find the series listed here.

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