Yesterday I mentioned that Dr. Scott Oliphint’s latest book Covenantal Apologetics: Principles and Practice in Defense of Our Faith will hit the shelves next month. The folks at Crossway were kind enough to supply me with a copy for review. Thank you!

In this post I simply want to supply our readers with the Table of Contents.

Foreword by William Edgar

1 Always Ready
Christian Truth
Required to Respond
What Is Covenantal Apologetics?
The Ten Tenets
Tenets and Texts

2 Set Christ Apart as Lord
Condescension and Apologetics
He Who Is Not with Me

3 Proof to All Men
Paul at Athens
Where Shall I Flee?
Proving the Proofs
What a Burden
How Do You Know?

4 We Persuade Others
“Trivial” Matters

5 We Destroy Arguments: The Achilles Heel
The Good Fight
Negative Apologetics
Positive Apologetics

6 Walk in Wisdom toward Outsiders
The Wisdom of Persuasion
The Spirit of Persuasion
Dennett, Dawkins, and Doubt
A Concluding Word to the Wise

7 You Are Very Religious
Idol Worship
God Is (Not?) Great

General Index
Scripture Index

If you have not heard why Dr. Oliphint prefers “Covenantal Apologetics”, as opposed to “presuppositional apologetics”, you can listen to his reasoning here. I forgot to mention yesterday two other booklets by Dr. Oliphint, due out very soon: Christianity and the Role of Philosophy and Should You Believe in God?.

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