Gene Cook did the first part of an interview with Dan Corner on his program yesterday. Here’s a link. I listened to it while riding today. It was a tremendous example of the massive contrast between viewing the gospel as a divine act, focused upon God, done to His glory, and being man-centered in your outlook. Dan Corner may be a former Roman Catholic, but his view of that issue is dead on with Rome. He is just as man-centered as he ever was before his “conversion.” But to get a taste of just how man-centered he is, check out this one minute clip (I assume Gene won’t mind my posting this to illustrate the point) of Corner dismissing the relevance of the intercessory work of Christ to the topic of “eternal security.” You see, for Corner, Christ only makes salvation a possibility. Christ’s work is irrelevant, in the final analysis, to whether someone will be saved or not, because Christ’s work just makes salvation a possibility. The rest is up to us. So whether Christ is interceding for those who will end up in hell or not just doesn’t matter to him, because he has a “gospel” that is focused upon what man does, what man accomplishes, and it lacks a true and perfect Savior. This is why Corner will not debate me on the gospel: as anyone can tell from listening to this interview, he has a very narrow spectrum of expertise, and as soon as you start to point out the connections that exist between his one topic and so many other topics (God’s nature, man’s sinfulness, God’s purposes, atonement, justification, imputation, etc.), Corner starts sweating. That is why he tried to get me to sign a contract prior to doing a radio program with him back in 2001, where I would have had to have avoided discussing any of the other four points of Calvinism! He well knows he is incapable of dealing with the biblical witness to God’s sovereignty, man’s depravity, unconditional election, particular atonement, irresistible grace, etc., and so he does all he can, including engaging in simple dishonesty (as documented here), to avoid having to do so. Gene was completely correct to conclude this program by saying Dan Corner is a false teacher (Corner had started by identifying anyone who believes Jesus Christ saves perfectly as a false teacher anyway)—he is not a brother in Christ, he is promoting a form of legalism and a false gospel. No question about it.
   Now, in case anyone has forgotten, Dan Corner has had a standing challenge to debate the real issues against me for many years now, and, of course, he continues to avoid that challenge, all the while claiming everyone is afraid to debate him on “eternal security.” Maybe someone will mention that to him on Friday when he does Part II of the program with Gene, 9am PST here. I know I’ll be listening!

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