I just got an e-mail wherein someone recounted showing Angel’s recent work to Dave Hunt. His response, rather than explaining his continued misrepresentation of Spurgeon, was to allege that I was not able to get the “required” three endorsers for our debate book (which we will soon be listing here on the site). Hey Dave, Multnomah asked me ONCE for names, and that as I was leaving town. The only person I felt I could actually subject to the experience of having to read the book as an endorser was Phil Johnson! Otherwise, why are we looking for endorsers on a debate book? Aren’t the readers supposed to be the judges of a debate book? What is an honest endorser supposed to say, “Uh, well, this isn’t even a close one”?

I repeat my call to Dave Hunt: let’s make this book worthwhile by debating the issues openly in a moderated, public debate, and then adding that video/DVD to the book! I’m open to it, and every time one of your fans writes to me to complain, I’m going to be reminding them of my invitation to you. You know you agreed, more than once, to do so. Let’s set it up! You have my number!

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