It is dangerous to let folks guest blog for you. They get bit by the bug and go and start their own blog and well, then you are left with nobody to guest blog for you anymore! That’s what happened with Alan Kurschner, who has begun a most entertaining blog, I appreciated his kind words concerning my debate with Dr. Crossan (Alan went on our cruise and seemed to enjoy himself).
You may recall I mentioned Hunt’s outrageous newsletter Q&A portion in which he made this outlandish statement:

Could someone who believes this false gospel of Calvinism be truly saved? Fortunately, many Calvinists (you among them) were saved before becoming Calvinists. They now malign God by saying that He is pleased to damn multitudes though He could save all and that He predestines multitudes to the Lake of Fire before they are even born. But having believed the gospel before becoming Calvinists, they “shall not come into condemnation, but [have] passed from death unto life” (Jn 5:24). Those who only know the false gospel of Calvinism are not saved, while those who are saved and ought to know better but teach these heresies will be judged for doing so.

You would really think that if Hunt had the courage of his convictions he would stand up and defend this kind of statement in debate: he will not. He has been challenged to do so over and over and over again, but he simply will not do it, no matter who is offering the invitation (i.e., his own allies have tried to get him to do the debate, but he will not do so). In any case, don’t miss what he is saying: Calvinism is a false gospel. It does not save. The only saved Calvinists are those who believed a different message when they were “saved” (remember, Hunt holds to an antinomian view that precludes the existence of false faith). Isn’t it odd that if a Catholic author challenged Hunt to debate (like Karl Keating), he would do so: but he will not dare do so against me, since he knows this kind of statement would evaporate under cross-examination and any knowledgeable Reformed theologian and exegete would simply run Hunt out of the debate in a hurry.
Anyway, the Calvinist Gadfly has commented on this section here, and will be doing more commenting in the future. I really do wish to comment more on Hunt’s lengthy response in the September newsletter, but there are only so many hours in the day. We will see what develops.

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