I was sent an e-mail today that was sent out by David Cloud, KJV Only advocate and, of late, another of the many sniping at Calvinism. I say sniping because a sniper never goes toe-to-toe with the enemy. He is always in hiding, firing from a long distance, remaining invisible, and, if he’s good, staying so well hidden as to preclude meaningful counter-fire. And that is what David Cloud is up to these days. Check his website and note what is listed as “hot” (it’s his talk against Calvinism which I replied to on the DL a few years ago). So I get this e-mail today that is simply huge, and it is made up of all the folks congratulating Cloud on not debating! What an amazing thing it is to see folks congratulating someone for taking shots at a system he does not understand, ignoring meaningful counter-argumentation that is biblical in nature, and yet proudly declining to be held publicly accountable for his stance. Ah yes, the Great Monologue. A sad day for fundamentalist KJV Onlyism.

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