John MacArthur appeared on the program. It stands out like a sore thumb over against the vast majority of the rest of the programming on the network. I’m referring, of course, to the Comfort/Cameron program, The Way of the Master. I honestly do not watch a lot of TBN, but I have been hearing a lot about this program of late. I heard they were mentioning Spurgeon, Whitefield, even (don’t faint here), John 6:37! So I finally got a chance to catch it this evening, and hence the title above. I really enjoyed it. At one point Kirk Cameron brought up the following quote from Spurgeon (here’s the sermon):

Ho, ho, sir surgeon, you are too delicate to tell the man that he is ill! You hope to heal the sick without their knowing it. You therefore flatter them; and what happens? They laugh at you; they dance upon their own graves. At last they die! Your delicacy is cruelty; your flatteries are poisons; you are a murderer. Shall we keep men in a fool’s paradise? Shall we lull them into soft slumbers from which they will awake in hell? Are we to become helpers of their damnation by our smooth speeches? In the name of God we will not. It becomes every true minister of Christ to cry aloud and spare not, for God hath set a day in which he will “judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel.” As surely as Paul’s gospel was true the judgment will come.

Man, it was nice to hear those words on TBN. At one point they were talking to an atheist. It was fascinating to hear him throw out the “Da Vinci Code” style objection against the canon of Scripture. Comfort handled it well (he didn’t get side-tracked), but the atheist didn’t push it. If he had, well, I hope someone slips them a copy of Scripture Alone.

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