Well, this really wasn’t supposed to be how this was done, but hey…I am really desirous of putting this whole experience in the rearview mirror. I am looking forward to my debate with Shaykh Mustafa Umar in SoCal on the 23rd, so I would really like to get this situation wrapped up. Leighton Flowers has posted his crew’s video of the debate. We were supposed to exchange files and stuff first, but anyway….RedGrace Media will be out with their version as well, and our plan now is to take the files from all three sources (the church, this video, and RedGrace’s video), and produce the “ultimate” version, using all available camera angles/sources. For posterity, obviously! 

I read a review of the debate by a Molinist today…it was interesting. Now if we can just get WLC to debate Molinism.


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