Some of you know Gene Cook had Greg Stafford on his program recently, and that they were joined by Bob Morey. The discussion focused on God’s exhaustive knowledge of all things. Many are unaware that Jehovah’s Witnesses are unorthodox even on the knowledge of God Himself. Their position bears a striking resemblance to Open Theism. In any case, it was an interesting program.
   Mr. Stafford has written an article about the program, and I wanted to note that it is not just inconsistent, tradition-bound Baptists who hate Calvinism (in fact, if I started a list of those who do, I wonder how long it would go?), but Jehovah’s Witnesses do, too. I’m not sure Mr. Stafford realizes how shrill this sounds, but in any case, here are some quotes:

Jehovah’s Witnesses have spoken truthfully about Jehovah’s knowledge. But more can be said to define and defend what they have taught. The “Reformers” and those who have followed in their footsteps have not spoken truthfully about God’s knowledge. More must be said to undo the damage that they have done. They have also not spoken truthfully about man and his standing before God.

   After citing Schaff’s brief summary of Calvin’s views on predestination, Stafford writes, “I reject this teaching entirely. I do not believe the Bible teaches that Jehovah God has by ‘eternal decree’ predestined the salvation and condemnation of ‘every man.'” His pure synergism (along with Rome and so many “evangelicals” today) is expressed clearly:

Thus, I agree with and will defend Jehovah’s Witnesses’ view of the salvation of mankind through a living faith and their belief in the existence of human free will, a will that must turn to God who will accept us and have mercy upon us all:

   And then he gets a little, well, dramatic:

It is time to crush the “Reformers” view of God and their misleading and even false teachings respecting his nature and his knowledge….As I said, John Calvin was a murderer and a false prophet, a rotten tree who produced rotten fruit. I pray that Jehovah crushes Calvinism. I pray that he gives me a part in crushing it along with any of the variety of fruit it has produced.

   Well, there you go! Personally, I find it easier to deal with direct denials like that than I do inconsistent “well, godly men have disagreed” folks. In any case, look out, all you Reformed folks! Greg Stafford is going to “crush” the view of God that freed Europe from Rome’s tyranny! I do find it just slightly odd that Greg does not see how weak his arguments appear to those of us who are, in fact, Reformed. When you camp in Genesis while ignoring the clear, didactic statements of Scripture (Isaiah, Romans, Ephesians) on the subject at hand, that tells us that your position is not overly sound. In any case, I found these comments, especially in light of recent events, most interesting.

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