A friend of mine contacted the folks at TBC about the DL today. The response was most interesting:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We constantly monitor White’s website and are well acquainted with his statements. In response to White’s question as to whether the statement about Acts 13:48 was left in, it has.

   A couple of things. First, Ed Newby was the fellow who wrote this. I’ve seen his name on almost everything forwarded to me from TBC, so I guess he handles the correspondence. Hi Ed! Ed seems like a nice guy. I would not want his job. I bet Ed would like to see Dave debate me. I have no evidence of this. Just reading between the lines. 🙂
   Second, I am a bit amazed that such a massive error as the “Hebrew original of Acts 1-15” paragraph, which has been so thoroughly refuted, would remain in another printing of the book. I guess they assume that most of their readers will never know the difference (a sad but probably true idea). But remember, there is no way to uphold the doctrine of inerrancy and claim the first fifteen chapters of Acts were written in Hebrew and have now been lost! The fact that Hunt does not care about misleading his readers with this kind of falsehood (a falsehood his ministry then attempted to defend for weeks by sending out quotes taken from a cultic website!) simply because it aids him in attacking Calvinism tells you a lot about the power of human traditions.
   Third, I do hope Ed and the folks will listen to the DL and introduce Dave and T.A. to the concept of “common grace.” Somehow, when Dave came to know more about Calvinism than most Calvinists (as is his own claim) he missed all those references.

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