I have added Ergun’s morning installment to As Liberty Turns to the pdf I created yesterday, along with my response. I am so tired of the whole thing I am not even going to bother posting it here on the blog in its entirety. As normal, I have responded to each of his points (a courtesy he has almost never extended to me), so it is rather lengthy. Here is the updated version. Hopefully using the same file name won’t cause anyone download problems. It is now twenty pages long in pdf format, so if you don’t have twenty pages, you have the old version. I am so very thankful that I took the barbs of many to post the correspondence starting back in February. As you will see in today’s exchange, Ergun Caner is completely rewriting history, and I am able to quote his own words to correct his imaginative reconstruction of the past.
   In any case, do pray about this situation. It truly seems to me that the Caners are doing everything in their power to make us lose all hope that anything could possibly be accomplished by pressing forward with this debate. Only the prayers of God’s people will be able to restrain the spirits of men that evening so that His truth will be made known.

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