I have added Ergun Caner’s response to Tom Ascol’s letter to the pdf file. Sorry to keep making you download the same file, but it’s easier to keep it in one place, I guess. The irony is that I had posted Tom’s e-mail last night, though Caner evidently did not bother to check that before firing off this missive, and hence implies we would not want it made public. As I mentioned last evening, I will discuss this situation on the DL tomorrow, but then I am focusing upon other projects until I return from the UK. At that point I will write an open letter to Dr. Caner, going back to the initial challenge I made to him, and, on the basis of his own current claims, demonstrate how we must proceed if, in fact, his claims to actually want a debate are true. If he is, in fact, just trying to find a way to get out of the debate through being offensive and irrational, that won’t work, and that will be that. Here is this morning’s installment of “As Liberty Turns.” I will not be replying to it. I don’t believe Tom will be either, at least not for now. Given the documentation of the past four months, we could take up to a month to respond without any problems.

26 June 2006
Dear Dr Ascol:
   Well, for the first time in this discussion, I have come to the conclusion that posting private correspondence, which usually takes place between Christian gentlemen behind the scenes, might be helpful if posted. This is one e-mail that I believe should be posted, but I doubt if you will do it. This will stay private, or scrubbed, much like Brad Reynolds exchanges:
   1. For the record, your quote of my words at the SBC was correct. I did use the word “pimped.”
   2. I do love the fact that Dr. Falwell is willing to give this debate as big a stage as possible.
   3. He believes, as we do, that this is a vital issue in the SBC, and MUST be confronted to as large a crowd as possible.
   4. Of course, since no one is making any money on this debate (as Emir and I stipulated- no tickets and no “entry fees”) your concern over being “prostituted” is not really valid.
   5. HOWEVER, before you storm off…please do not feel too superior. Would it change the equation if we were offering to pay you for doing a CRUISE to teach?
   6. Yes, Dr. Ascol, we understand your desire not to be pimped. Does that extend to traveling on a cruise with Dr. White…along with others…for free…as the advertised speaker? Apparently I am not as accomplished at this “pimping” thing…
   I am sorry you feel the way you do, Dr. Ascol.

   The updated file of the current correspondence is still here.

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