An Open Invitation to Dr. David Allen

Subject:  Moderated, Respectful, Scholarly Public Debate

Topic:  Resolved: The Book of Hebrews Teaches Jesus the Messiah Died to Redeem the Entire Human Race Without Exception, That Is, Christ Died for Every Human Being Who Has Ever Lived, is Alive Today, or Ever Will Live

Dr. Allen Affirms

Dr. White Denies

October, 2017, Dallas Texas

Argument:  Dr. Allen has, for a few years now, spearheaded the “Traditionalist” effort at arguing against the Reformed doctrine of particular atonement. He has spoken on the subject many times, and has now released a book as well. He lives in the Dallas area, so having a debate in that area means he will not have to travel. Limiting the topic to a biblical scope helps the audience focus upon the key issues, for as the length of such books as From Heaven He Came and Sought Her and Dr. Allen’s own demonstrate, the topic can become rather obscure and verbose. Further, limiting the discussion to Hebrews should make the effort all that much easier for Dr. Allen.  He has written a full commentary on Hebrews as well.  I will be in Dallas twice in October, and hence a range of dates could be arranged for the debate.  I hope Dr. Allen will invest the time to engage this topic and assist the many who would like to hear a biblically-based, exegetically sound discussion of this vital topic.

If Dr. Allen is amenable to this invitation, please contact Rich Pierce at the Alpha and Omega Ministries offices, 602-973-4602 so that arrangements can be commenced.


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