I noted a few weeks ago the fine sermon by our brother Roy Hargrave on “The Idol of Evangelism,” found here. We have a fine and ironic example of this mindset in the words of that anonymous blogger, he who lacks the courage to even identify himself, Charles the Brave, the man who provides Bob Ross with an outlet on the web for his various meandering attack pieces, in that today he attacks Tom Ascol and me in a piece based upon Google satellite images! Yes indeed, here it is. I guess he forgot to mention that even Spurgeon’s church today is much different than it was in the days of Spurgeon himself. Why? Because Peter Masters isn’t evangelistic? Surely not. What these shallow thinking troublers of the brethren today ignore is the reality of the situation of the church today in Western culture. Sound, solid, God-honoring churches are a blessing upon a nation. They seemingly think that God is bound to always be building mega-churches. The idea of an increase in godliness in a small church that produces disciples who are true disciples in all of life is totally lost on them since their theology is a quarter inch deep. The idea of faithfulness to God’s truth in the midst of widespread apostasy is likewise beyond their very limited horizons. Of course, we don’t find Charles the Brave evangelizing Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses and Muslims. We only find him aping Bob Ross attack pieces on Christian leaders.
   The irony here is that I will be speaking at the Metropolitan Tabernacle one week from today. My first subject will be the Da Vinci Code and how we can use this cultural event as a springboard for…evangelism! You truly have to wonder if Charles, or whoever he really is, is actually a Calvinist double-agent, seeking to make the Synergists look silly? Maybe this Da Vinci painting holds the answer….

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