A friend sent me a comment by Jerry Walls, along with comments that were posted thereafter, I presume from FaceBook. First, I am so very honored to be an ARCH Calvinist now (I had been stuck at the “regular” Calvinist level for a very long time, and the promotion is very much appreciated!). Of course, the comments are, well, really troubling. The absurd link to the “child rape” accusation only shows the utter incapacity or dishonesty of anyone who repeats it, as we have demonstrated over and over again (remember, when Bryson first made the accusation we titled it “The Absurdity”). The other comments are likewise enlightening, especially the one from a lady complaining that Reformed theology is being taught at…a Presbyterian Church, of all places! Shocking! Compare the mind-set here with the actual level of the response that has been offered so far on the two programs.

Jerry Walls shared a link.
August 30

Luke Van Horn has informed me that arch Calvinist James White is doing a response to my lecture “What’s Wrong with Calvinism” that I did at Evangel University. He is playing the lecture on his podcast, responding, in a sort of paragraph by paragraph fashion. It begins about halfway through this episode.


Another two-part Early Dividing Line
Luke Van Horn likes this.

Patrick Stitt It’s hard to take anyone seriously who believes God is responsible for child rape.

Calvinism (and James White) Claims That God Decrees Child Rape – This Is Absolutely Disgusting
This is an excerpt from Bible Answer Man’s interview/debate with Calvinist apologetic James White. Also included is Hank Hannegraff and George Bryson. Record…
August 30 at 9:59am · 4

Andy Miller I would love for you two to have a live debate. Maybe that could happen on Unbelievable?, White has been on that show a number of time. I have often thought you would be a great guest on that show.
August 30 at 10:00am · 1

John Beavers I love James White’s work….. but, yeah, I disagree with Calvinism.

A debate would be cool to see!
August 30 at 10:35am

Mike Voigts I just can’t take listening to this anymore. He’s missing the larger picture of your positions.
August 30 at 10:52am · 3

Ricardo Martinez Use to really love his work but his Calvinistic leanings are a disgrace, can’t believe people believe these things
August 30 at 10:57am via mobile · 5

Nick Peters I just bear through it whenever James White is on Unbelievable? As far as I’m concerned, the guy is just obnoxious.
August 30 at 1:00pm · 3

Ricardo Martinez He has some sort of Obsessive disorder and goes on and on with it, many times he claims to be stating fact when in reality it is just ramblings of one who has problems when one disagrees with his viewpoint
August 30 at 1:06pm via mobile · Edited · 1

Judy Brown I listened to the entire first program and I can’t listen to him anymore. either. He needs a lot of prayer….I feel that he has a very strong mocking spirit. The “music” halfway through the program was disgraceful. My spirit is very grieved this evening because our church newsletter arrived today and our pastor will be starting a new Sunday School class, teaching Reformed Theology. The material he will be using is by RC Sproul. I really don’t know how much more of this I can take. Please pray for us here at Tabernacle Evangelical Presbyterian Church.
August 30 at 4:24pm · 2

Glenn Andrew Peoples He’s the Calvinist version of J P Holding.
August 30 at 5:17pm · 1

Glenn Andrew Peoples But honestly, if someone’s reaction is “What a disgrace, I can’t believe people believe these things….” then I suspect they are no more ecumenically minded than White is and they need to grow a little.
August 30 at 5:19pm · 1

Marius Lombaard calvinism is…. the return of the gnostics!
August 30 at 10:43pm

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