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Join us for a day of Biblical exposition and exhortation with Dr. James White and Ryan Habbena at Signet Ring’s 2010 Annual Conference. We will focus on the declaration and defense of the doctrines of grace as well as the immense implications of these Scriptural truths. This conference is free of charge and will be held at Conquering King Fellowship in Eagan, MN from 9am to 4pm on Saturday, October 16, 2010. A free-will offering will be taken.

Session One: John 6:44
The Doctrines of Grace in One Verse — Ryan Habbena
In the midst of the glorious gospel of John, there is a verse that succinctly and definitely speaks of God¹s sovereign grace in salvation — John 6:44. In this session, Ryan will explore the teaching of this verse in its context. He will also highlight the resounding significance this verse contributes to our understanding of the powerful, effectual grace of God.

Session Two: God Purpose in Election
A Survey of the Significance of Romans 9 — Dr. James White
Few passages are as crucial to the understanding of God¹s sovereign grace as Romans chapter 9. In this session, James will survey the significance of Paul¹s teaching in this robust passage of holy Scripture. Dr. White will focus on the decisive teaching granted to us from the pen of the apostle regarding God’s freedom and purpose in election.

Session Three: Understanding “The Big Three”
Matthew 23:37, 1 Timothy 2:4 and 2 Peter 3:9 — Dr. James White
In the debate over the sovereign grace of God, three verses are consistently brought up to oppose the doctrines of grace: Matthew 23:37, 1st Timothy 2:4 and 2 Peter 3:9. In this session, James will unpack these passages in their contexts and demonstrate how their teaching in no way conflicts with the doctrines of God¹s sovereign grace, but rather informs and enhances our understanding of the nature and purposes of God.

Session Four: For God is at Work in You
The Mystery and Necessity of Compatibilism — Ryan Habbena
When confronted with the truths of God’s sovereign grace, many people have pressing questions: “Why evangelize?” “Why pray?” “Why pursue sanctification?” In this session, Ryan will present the Biblical dynamics of “compatibilism.” In exploring several key texts, Ryan will demonstrate that God’s sovereign grace fuels and motivates all areas of the Christian life.

Session Five: Questions and Answers
Dr. James White & Ryan Habbena

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