Less than a month till “crunch time” for me. Two major debates in three days, the first, October 16th at the Thomas Road Baptist Church on the doctrines of grace, and then, only a few days later, October 19th, on Long Island, my debate with Bill Shishko on baptism! Then I only have a few days home before I head to Orlando and the Conference/Debate/Cruise!
   Here is the very nicely done flyer TRBC has produced for the debate:

I remain hopeful regarding the debate itself, and of course supremely confident that God will honor His Word in the hearts and minds of His people. The message of a powerful Savior who never fails to save His own is a great message to be called to proclaim and defend! Also, I should announce that at our conference in Orlando a special love offering will be taken to buy Tom Ascol a tie. Of course, knowing Tom, after he sees me in my kilt, he will take up a special offering at a Founder’s meeting to buy me…pants.

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