Want to see the quintessential Dave Hunt Fan? Ran into these lovely
lines today. Comments follow briefly….

Because James White could not biblically defend his positions on a limited atonement and that God predestinates sinners to hell, he and others of like minded Calvinist, cult leaders have sought out various publishers in a great effort to keep Dave Hunt from having any books published in the future. Dave Hunt easily proves that Christ died for ALL men, especially them that believe and God is not willing that any should perish. James White’s actions in this matter are deplorable for someone even claiming to be a Christian.
I have firsthand knowledge of Mr White and his fellow Calvinists sending letters to various publishers stating they will withdraw from having any future works published by various publishers if they continue to print Dave Hunt books. Because of the popularity of White and John MacArthur Calvinistic literature, the publishers have agreed, so as to not suffer any financial loss. The Publishers only care about money, while White and his Calvinist cult buddies only care about smearing a devout Christian. 

Upon being challenged, this writer said:

Yes, sadly they are true. I have communicated with the staff of the berean call on this matter. You may call and verify this to be true yourself. James White is a lowlife. 

For those interested, I have never called a publisher and asked them to refrain from publishing Dave Hunt’s materials, and it is a joke of monumental proportions to say that any of them would care the slightest if I ever said I wasn’t going to publish with them anyway. This is just a silly rumor started by someone upon the basis of Multnomah coming to the quite appropriate conclusion that What Love is This? is a fundamentally flawed, egregiously BAD book. The idea that there is some grand Calvinist conspiracy out there is just looney. Ah, but we are not done with the fair, kind defender of Mr. Hunt. A few posts later he wrote:

You may defend the cultist leader James White all you wish, but it IS true that he and others contacted the publishers of the edition of WLIT and threatened to not add their names to any further publications, if Dave Hunt’s books continued to be published by the publisher. The publisher did succumb to White and his cronies threats and so you are now unable to buy one copy that this publisher once published. This can all be verified by ANYONE by contacting the Breena call representatives. Of course you wouldn’t bother to do that because you look up in awe to your spiritual leader Mr White.

Request: with respect and kindness, will a few of our readers give the Berean Call a ring and ask this very question? I would like to have confirmation from someone other than this particular fellow, who does not strike me as overly, uh, shall we say, stable, that this kind of false information is being pushed by Hunt’s ministry. OK, just one more memorable line from this fellow. Upon disagreeing with what he thinks I believe about John 3:16, he writes, “James White is a deplorable liar and a blasphemer of the work of Christ. It is James White’s books that should be refused publication and NOT Dave Hunt’s.” Can we all sing it now together…hold hands now…”I am loved, I am loved….” Yes, just like the Gaithers, sing along now….

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