First Dividing Line back from a fierce ten day battle with the flu, so we went mega-length, two full hours.  First 75 minutes we discussed the atonement and theology in general, starting to listen to comments made by Dr. David Allen of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary wherein he described limited atonement as a “doctrine looking for a text.”  It was not difficult debunking that claim, to be sure. But then we moved over in the last 45 minutes to Robert Truelove’s video on the ecclesiastical text, once again asking—ok, so?  What does this actually accomplish?  How does it answer questions?

Then, right at the end of the show, Rich mentioned that Tim Bushong, who did our Radio Free Geneva theme, has released a Christmas album that, jarringly I’m sure for some, includes the full version of the Might Fortress riff he did for us.  And you can get that album either as a cd or as a download (and help his daughter on a missions trip) at various links, such as here, here, and here.

Here is the YouTube link:


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