The first comment on Mr. Johnson’s post is by a fellow by the name of Mike Spreng:

Don’t you just love how he fires those shots without leaving a chance for anyone to comment on his site (not that anyone wants to interact with such a man)? What can be said about guys like this that only go as far back as Spurgeon, or at best Zwingly?

   1) We have never had comments, nor will we. Comments sections are the theological ignorance aggregator of the Internet.
   2) I do a live webcast twice a week. 877-753-3341, toll-free. Feel free to call. Just have your facts in line.
   3) It’s Zwingli, not Zwingly.
   4) Given that I have published entire books that include discussions of early church sources, including providing my own original translations of some of those materials, Mr. Spreng might want to try checking his facts next time around.
   You will note not a single meaningful comment (one that actually interacts with anything I’ve said so far) has been posted. I expect Owen will respond, but, if he follows his pattern of the past, as soon as I once again re-focus and point out the fact that he has yet to engage the text exegetically he will move on to some other subject (probably related to how Reformed Baptists just can’t do anything right—note Enloe’s comment currently posted there).
   I get a lot of questions when I travel about the process people go through who were once with us, and who now stand against us. Obviously, there are many variations in the theme, but this thread is demonstrating some of the key elements of that process and the abandonment of the authority of Scripture and its ability to speak with clarity.

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