The title should have warned me, “This article ought to make us yearn for unity…we are not as separated as some would have us be.” Yeah, that non-perfecting, repetitive sacrifice of the Mass is just real close to the Reformed doctrine of atonement. Right next door. Anyway, the article is “more of the same,” but the paragraph chosen for posting on ended with the following words:

For his fans, Karol Wotjyla is the prophetic figure who, at the close of the bloodiest and most barbaric century in human history, in spite of an assassin’s bullet and Parkinson’s disease, missionized the world in an exhausting and unprecedented series of travels; inoculated the Church against mutated strains of the same heresies Leo and Gregory combated centuries ago; began the painful process of reconciliation with both the Jewish people and separated Christian brethren; and played a decisive and perhaps pivotal role in the defeat of that twentieth century version of barbarism known as Soviet communism. That the latter happened, in our Strangelovian age, with nary a shot being fired might well be regarded as an event only modestly less miraculous than the Resurrection.

How anyone, and I truly mean anyone, cannot see how that is so outlandishly blasphemous as to result in an unvoluntary groan of disgust I honestly cannot understand. Evidently, writing for a blog named for an utter oxymoron eventually dulls you to such things.

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